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Sarah Ung

In 2015 I started Gold Spoon Events, a meal prep service catered to my friends at the gym. It quickly evolved into in-home dinner parties, dessert tables, weddings, and event planning. From a very young age, I have been passionate about food and entertaining. I spent my childhood behind our family donut shop counter, folding pastry boxes, greeting customers and eating sprinkles from the bulk bin. My parents' house resembled the likes of Grand Central Station - always bustling with family and friends. I watched as my mom hosted and served delicious homemade meals with a smile. It was only natural for me to follow her welcoming spirit. 

When people ask me why I love to cook or what my favorite part of Gold Spoon is, I say, “When people eat my food and make yummy noises”. In the simplest of terms, that is really the truth. But I also find joy in hosting and event planning. Bringing people together to enjoy a meal, to celebrate, to create memories. Food is my love language.